The importance of writing a good CV

If you are seeking a new job, the importance of composing a good CV is vital in today’s job market. You should see your CV as a selling tool to get potential employers to see you as their solution to their hiring conundrum!

Hiring managers like to see CV’s that are concise, well written and that cogently explain your levels of experience in all your past positions.

A well written CV will immediately capture the hiring manager’s attention if you use dynamic language in explaining who you are and what you do.



  • Start with a good personal profile: this immediately grabs the reader with an outline of who you are and what you do
  • Keep it concise: A good CV should ideally be no more than four pages long
  • Make important distinctions between your achievements and your responsibilities within your previous roles
  • Use dynamic language to describe your duties (mentored, trained, delivered)
  • Lay your CV out with easy to read bullet points and clear spacing to indicate your different roles
  • Do remember to check your spelling and grammar
  • State your present job first and then work backwards in reverse chronological order